About The Publisher

John Walsh and his company Green Marketing Inc. have been marketing backyard composters for over 10 years. To promote backyard composting, John asked Larraine if she could adapt her original book, utilizing new characters, ideas, and illustrations. The Compost Song in the story book was written by Joan Gilmour. Red Wiggles and the Magic Composter is a beautifully illustrated, entertaining, and educational story for children of all ages.

Meagan sat under her pear tree, repeating, “Purple over, green over, now blue,” as she braided wool.

She worked until her friendship bracelet was complete and then ran into the house. 

“Mom, look!” Meagan beamed triumphantly. “Can you please tie it around my wrist?” Before her mother picked up another egg, she tied the bracelet neatly with a bow.

Meagan proudly showed her arm to her brother, Connor, who put down his detective book to take a look. As she was telling him about the bracelet that she made, her mother turned and said, “Meagan, please empty the kitchen composting bin into the composter. It’s full of peelings.”

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